A Beginner's Guide to Using RAW Cones for the First Time

Welcome, budding enthusiasts, to the world of RAW Pre-Rolled Cones – the pinnacle of natural, unadulterated smoking experiences. Founded by the visionary Josh Kesselman, RAW revolutionized the industry with their commitment to purity, authenticity, and sustainability.

RAW Cones come in a variety of sizes to match every smoker's unique preferences. For a quick solo session, consider the 'Dogwalker' – a petite 70mm in length that can accommodate up to .5g of tobacco. The latest addition, the '70/45 Dogwalker', holds up to .25g of tobacco, making it perfect for a couple of hits.

For those seeking a medium-sized cone, the '1-1/4 Size' is a splendid choice. Measuring at 84mm (or 3.3 inches), it holds .75 grams of tobacco. Alternatively, the '98 Special' provides a bit more room for your tobacco at 98mm (or 3.86 inches), accommodating up to 1g.

The 'King Size', the most popular amongst cultivators and pre-roll producers, measures a generous 109mm (or 4.75 inches). This cone is large enough to hold up to 1.5g of tobacco, making it ideal for sharing or extended solo sessions. If you're seeking a leaner experience, the 'Lean Size' cone, with the same length as the King but with a slim 40mm tip, is perfect for you.

RAW Cones are available in three paper types: Classic, Organic Hemp, and Classic Black. The Classic is the standard bearer – unbleached, chemical-free, with a gumline made of natural Acacia tree sap. The Organic Hemp variety is entirely hemp-based, while the Classic Black is RAW’s thinnest paper designed for connoisseurs desiring to "truly taste their terps". RAW Papers is what truly separates them from their competition. Raw Papers always burn slowly leveraging a naturally slow burning proprietary watermark within the paper itself.

These cones can be conveniently purchased from one of the largest distributors in the United States, Green Blazer, through their website, Amazon, or eBay. They offer individual small packs for personal use and custom wholesale programs for cultivators, distributors, and dispensaries.

For the first-time user, we recommend starting with the Classic or Organic Hemp range in either the Dogwalker or 1-1/4 size, depending on your tobacco preference. Remember, the beauty of RAW lies in its ability to deliver a natural, authentic smoking experience – so sit back, relax, and enjoy the natural flavors of your chosen tobacco or herb.

RAW Rolling Papers has consistently shown its innovative spirit, and their latest offering, the RAW Black pre-rolled cones, or "RAW blacks", have reaffirmed this pioneering image. Designed for the discerning smoker, these cones are crafted from ultra-thin, unbleached fibers to provide a slow-burning, superior experience. These vegan, non-GMO, and chlorine-free products epitomize RAW's commitment to sustainability and quality, fortifying their standing as industry trailblazers.