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Boosting Your Pre Roll Brand's Image with RAW Cones: A Case Study

In the crowded marketplace of vying for smoker’s attention, differentiation is key, and RAW Cones offer a valuable avenue for brands to elevate their image. Today, we're delving into how leveraging RAW's impressive brand power and social media dominance can amplify your pre-roll brand's image and command higher price points.

RAW Cones: A Social Media Titan

RAW's dominance on social media platforms is a testament to their brand power. With a robust presence on Tik Tok, Instagram, and Facebook, RAW Papers have successfully harnessed the power of social media to engage directly with its customer base. This constant interaction has not only built an authentic relationship with the users but also amplified its brand visibility, driving an impressive Google Search volume.

Take Instagram, for example, where RAW's account (@RAWlife247) is a showcase of engaging content. It resonates with both the casual smoker and the discerning connoisseur, while its Tik Tok channel brims with entertaining and informative clips that foster a vibrant community around the brand. This combination of brand recognition, community, and robust online presence offers an enviable platform for pre-roll producers to tap into.

Leveraging RAW's Brand Power for Differentiation

Utilizing RAW pre rolled cones for your pre-roll production allows you to align your brand with RAW's recognized quality and sustainability commitments. This alignment opens a new dimension of differentiation, as you're no longer merely a pre-roll producer but a brand that prioritizes quality, sustainability, and the customer's holistic smoking experience.

As we know, today's consumers are discerning; they value brands that align with their beliefs and lifestyles. Aligning with RAW provides an immediate connection with an audience that appreciates premium, natural, and sustainable products, allowing your brand to stand out in the saturated pre-roll market.

Commanding Higher Price Points

Equally important is the impact of RAW's premium image on your pricing strategy. For example, Black RAWs are the most premium option for pre-roll producers and can command higher price points. The Classic Black Series, is known as the thinnest paper in the market, allows smokers to "truly taste their terps," aligning your brand with a sophisticated smoking experience that consumers are willing to pay a premium for.

The association with RAW's established reputation for quality and sustainability justifies the premium pricing, providing a significant advantage in an industry where consumers are becoming more willing to pay for superior experiences.

RAWthentic is the only choice

Incorporating RAW Cones into your pre-roll production strategy is a savvy move. It allows your brand to differentiate itself in a competitive market, bolstering your image while capitalizing on the ability to command higher price points. By aligning with RAW's social media dominance and reputable brand image, you're not just selling a product—you're providing a quality experience, elevating your brand's value in the eyes of discerning smokers.

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