Going Small: Why RAW Single Size Pre-Rolled Cones are Storming the Industry

As the our evolving smoking industry evolves, the preferences and needs of consumers shift along with it. One trend making waves in the market is the increasing demand for smaller, more controlled smoking experiences, particularly among older millennials aged 35-50. RAW has responded to this growing demand by offering their Single Size Pre-Rolled Cones, also known as "Dogwalkers," which cater specifically to those seeking smaller, solo sessions. In this blog post, we'll delve into why the RAW Single Size Cones are becoming increasingly popular and how they cater to the needs of the maturing smoker.

The Appeal of RAW Single Size Cones

RAW Single Size Cones, or Dogwalkers, are available in three sizes: 70/24, 70/30, and 70/45. These cones are 70mm in length, with varying tip sizes that accommodate different amounts of tobacco. The 70/24 and 70/30 sizes hold up to 0.5g of tobacco, while the 70/45 size holds up to 0.25g, making it the ideal option for those seeking a quick solo session with just a couple of tokes.

As older millennials enter the 35-50 age range, many are looking for ways to moderate their consumption while still enjoying the benefits of legal herbs on the market. RAW Single Size Cones provide the perfect solution, allowing users to smoke smaller amounts in a controlled and enjoyable manner.

Why Single Size Cones Are Perfect for the Mature Smoker

There are several reasons why RAW Single Size Cones are becoming the go-to option for older millennials and mature smokers:

  1. Controlled Consumption: Single Size Cones provide an opportunity for smokers to better manage their intake, with the smallest size (70/45) offering just a couple of hits for a brief session.
  2. Solo Sessions: As the name "Dogwalker" suggests, these cones are designed for individual use, catering to those who prefer a more personal and intimate smoking experience.
  3. Discretion: The smaller size of these cones makes them more discreet and portable, allowing for increased convenience and privacy.
  4. Health Consciousness: As consumers age, health concerns often become more of a priority. By offering a smaller smoking option, RAW Single Size Cones cater to those who wish to enjoy their greenies in moderation.
  5. Environmental Impact: Smaller cones use less paper and materials, making them a more eco-friendly choice for environmentally conscious consumers.

RAW Single Size Pre-Rolled Cones are storming the industry by addressing the evolving needs of the mature consumer. With a focus on controlled consumption, solo sessions, and discretion, these smaller cones cater perfectly to the preferences of older millennials and mature smokers. As the industry continues to expand and adapt, RAW's innovative approach ensures they remain at the forefront, providing products that align with the values and desires of an ever-changing market.