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Mississippi Governor does the right thing despite snitching power utility

A recent opinion offered by The Green Blazer titled Mississippi legislators should allow constituents to spark up their massive stash of freeze-dried G-13 joints failed to account for the fact that the naysaying dork from Mississippi who was mentioned in the editorial was, in fact, the state's Governor.

And, to give credit where credit is due, that Governor later did the right thing, put his personal feelings aside and voted with his constituency in signing the state's medical marijuana program into law this month.

Congratulations to the great state of Mississippi for making this happen.

But — uncharacteristically for the south — the nearby utility has decided to recognize federal law over state's rights and disallow all power to the state which will be used for the purposes of marijuana cultivation.

This, of course, is kind of a joke as we already know that Mississippi has been cultivating marijuana for years. The fabled strain G-13 originates in Mississippi.

Nevertheless, here's a snippet from a statement which was put out by the Tennessee Valley Authority on the same day Tate signed the medical marijuana program into law:

"If a TVA employee learns that an end-use customer served by an LPC is engaged in activity that may violate federal law governing marijuana, the employee will report the activity to their management, and TVA management will make a determination regarding our reporting obligations to agencies that may have proper jurisdiction to enforce the federal Controlled Substances Act."

In other words, if a TVA snitch catches you growing, they're going to rat you out to the feds.

Of course, shutting off people's power is a sensitive subject, and the TVA was forced to respond a week later with a clarification:

"We want to be clear about TVA’s position on the implications to our energy service to Mississippi customers: TVA has an obligation to serve our customers with safe, reliable, low-cost energy and we will continue to do so. There will be no interruption in service because of this newly signed law.

"The broader issue is a complex one and represents a conflict between state and federal law. We are looking to the appropriate federal agencies for further clarification and have requested additional guidance.

"Our service to our customers remains unchanged and we will continue to carry out our mission."

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