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Canines and Cannabis: Baked pups and A guide to doggie safety

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How many of us have had a family pet swipe a snack off your coffee table or be “bad” and get into the trash? 🙋🏽‍♂️We likely have all heard a story or two of a hungry pet grabbing something they shouldn’t. But we love our furry friends, so we want you to know what to do in case your doggo gets near your stash and give you some fucking deep belly laughs along the way. 


Cannabis hits fucking different in dogs. 


Did you know that the effects of THC are three times more potent in dogs than in humans? Shit… that is crazy. So you need to know what's up if you pup eats that fatty raw cone on your coffee table, got it? An overdose can result in “vomiting, uncoordinated movements, dribbling urine, low blood pressure and, in extreme cases, seizures.” (Dampier 2020) Yeah… THC poisoning for dogs is scary AF. Marijuana toxicity in dogs is rarely deadly, but because weed is so potent to your pups, dogs should not be getting into your stash. Their bodies simply aren’t built to take it like ours. 


So you think Spot got into your weed stash? 


According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), the signs that your pup has gotten into your stash are

  • Stumbling and crossing over feet
  • Dull and lethargic
  • Dilated pupils
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Vomiting
  • Tremors and shaking
  • Agitation


Treatment depends on how baked your pooch got. If you think your dog has gotten into your stash, call your vet ASAP. They will either tell you to watch them carefully and be sure that they can drink water or, if your pet is a little too NOID, will likely prescribe something called intralipid therapy that they will give your dog at the clinic and usually works over the course of a few days (AKC, 2022).  Can you fucking imagine being NOID for a few days? Holy Shit… 


Although, AT THE RIGHT DOSE, Vets in Cali can actually prescribe it!


That said, California has just passed legislation allowing vets to prescribe cannabis to pets! You heard right. Yes, cannabis is 3x stronger for pets, but at the correct dose, it can be used as a medicine. Isn’t that fucking awesome? We just have to wait on the veterinary board to put guidelines in place for safe consumption (3). Again, California with their shit together first… 


Dog getting CBD dripped into their mouth by owner.

So you can’t medicate your pup with your personal stash, but what about your own CBD? 


CBD  is different.  Unlike THC in marijuana, the worst thing CBD overdose does is cause stomach upset and changes in the liver enzymes in dogs (AKC, 2022). The current research on CBD use in dogs looks good. It has been shown to help with arthritis and itchiness and could even make cancer treatment more effective. In addition, many studies on laboratory animals show potential for treating inflammatory bowel disease and relieving pain (AKC, 2022). I mean come on… are we really surprised? We have been saying that cannabis and its derivatives are healthy for such a long time! 


Now what you really came here for: Blazed Fur Babies.


Here is a story of two dogs, one of which got into her mom’s weed edibles. Which one do you think did it? 😭


Their mom asks them who it was in this cute video. Luckily these pups didn’t ingest enough to cause any damage, but the left one definitely felt that shit.


Or Rocky, who got into his dad’s weed brownie. He can’t even stand up without his dad’s help. He ended up being okay, but for a couple of days, Rocky struggled.  

Or this one of Loki that got into a roommate's pot rice Krispie treat. Loki is definitely in another world. 


husky leaning back with a funny expression on it's face


And if you think your cats are safe, think again. 


black cat with large eyes


This cat Carmilla ate her mom’s edible and had an exciting time with her mom. Hear the saga by clicking on the image. Her mom felt bad about the accident, and she is feeling better now. 

Although these videos are cute, they can also be worrisome. These animals got so high they clearly couldn’t function. Think of it this way, imagine your worst weed story where you got way too fucking high? Now imagine if that weed was three times stronger...Yikes!😬You would probably think you were dying. So be sure to lock up your stash from your pets and blaze safely.

Also, if politicians get in their right mind and decide to legalize marijuana, people will likely not have to stash their weed in locations their dogs could reach. It also means that edibles can be regulated to better protect your pets from overdosing. Check out our article here on the 2022 update for federal legalization to see what’s what in 2022 for more info. 

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