RAW Flow Shredder | Industrial Herb Grinder
RAW Flow Shredder | Industrial Herb Grinder
RAW Flow Shredder | Industrial Herb Grinder
RAW Flow Shredder | Industrial Herb Grinder
RAW Flow Shredder | Industrial Herb Grinder

RAW Flow Shredder | Industrial Herb Grinder

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Are you looking for a high-output herb grinder that will increase your efficiency? RAW’s Flow Shredder is a precise and powerful game-changer. 

How are you currently shredding your flower?

Are you using a shredder that provides you with less-than results and leaves your workspace covered in dust? Does your current grinder destroy the trichomes and crush the potency and value of your product? 

With the RAW Flow Shredder, you will have a single-user solution to a healthy, streamlined cut. It is next-level grinding!

About the RAW Flow Shredder

The Flow Shredder stands as the premier trichome-preserving commercial material grinder in the world. If you happen to be a high-yield pre-roll manufacturer, you're well aware of the significance behind achieving the perfect cut. Unlike alternative devices that whip and thrash your flower, The Flow Shredder relies on heated blades to carefully slice instead of shattering your biomass. This method guarantees minimal dust and intact trichomes, all while delivering the ideal cut for your pre-rolls. Our cutting-edge, patent-pending technology ensures a continuous grinding flow without ever jamming, alleviating concerns of excessive downtime or compromised production. With the Flow, you can shred a pound in a mere two minutes, significantly reducing production time.

Features For the Perfect Shred

  • Perfect Shreds 1lb every 2 minutes
  • Warmed blades
  • Protected Biomass
  • Heavy-duty
  • Large capacity
  • 120V Power requirement
  • Operation requires only one, single user
  • 6-month warranty

Are you ready to take your production to the next level? Buy your RAW Flow Shredder today at Green Blazer!

Benefits of a RAW Flow Shredder

You have options when it comes to getting your flower cut for smoking. For those seasoned tokers who know the difference between a cut and a perfect cut, there is no other choice —- RAW Flow Shredder is the only option. And it is especially necessary in the manufacturing process when seeking the perfect consistency. 

Still not convinced enough to invest in this premier grinder? Here are some of the benefits that could elevate your future production and enhance smoke sessions.


Time-Saving Solution. Manufacturers need to save time while increasing production. With the RAW Flow Shredder, you can shred one pound of herb every two minutes. 

Enhanced Burn. A fluff-cut will provide your pre-rolled cone with just the right amount of airflow and a slow, even burn. 

Dependability. With durability and strength, you can significantly reduce the risk of downtime. 

Customer Satisfaction. A high level of consistency creates a product customers can rely on. 

Preserve the Potency. Maintain the potency of your cannabis by leaving the trichomes in place — something that doesn’t happen when using other shredders or manually. 

Cost-Effective. A solution to save you money and meet your grinding needs as it cuts evenly, giving you the most from your bud without waste. 

Hygienic. Clean, hygienic solution for shredding without using hands. 

Single-User Operation. One person can easily and successfully run the machine while still maintaining output efficiency. 

Maintain Quality. Gently heated, low-agitation blades protect the terpenes and keef when cutting. 

Convenience. What’s more, the convenient chute on the side can easily feed your shredded bud right into a designated package —- further reducing your production timeline. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the RAW Flow Shredder come ready to use? 

Yes. The Flow shredder comes ready to use right out of the box. Just plug and play and get started. 

Does the RAW Flow Shredder require cleaning and maintenance? 

Yes, this machine will require you to clean and maintain it for its utmost effectiveness. The owner's manual will provide you with easy step-by-step instructions to care for the unit. Green Blazer can also assist in methods to get the most out of this machine. We will also provide a manufacturer’s rep support line to enable features, troubleshooting, and general assistance if needed. 

What happens if the RAW Flow Shredder jams? 

While it doesn’t happen often, if it does jam, you simply run it in reverse for a few seconds and then continue going forward. That’s usually all that it takes to clear up anything that may have been stuck in the blades. NEVER touch the blades with your hands. 

I have questions before I buy —- who can I talk to? 

At Green Blazer, we are always here for you. Contact us today and we will answer any questions you have about our products, including the RAW Flow Shredder.