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How to Prep for Your Next Party with Pre-Rolls

People having fun partying with drinks and confetti

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Okay, so you are throwing a party? That means lots of preparation. You will need snacks, drinks, smokes, a fun well-rounded playlist, and maybe even some decor. The last thing you want to worry about is to make sure you bought the right cones/product. Here’s a guide so you can decide what is going to work best for you and your kind of hang. 

First, what is the best product for your party? 

Pre-rolled cones can be filled with tobacco or other herbs of your choice. If it is BYOH (Bring Your Own Herb), then don’t stress. Go get those snacks and sit back and relax. 

If you are supplying the product, every guest’s preferences are different, so you may want to ask them. 

A lot of tokers claim that indica and sativa cause different symptoms, although there is very little research on this (1). There is also reason to believe that sativa and indica are becoming the same, so it might not totally matter anymore (2). Either way, some of your guests likely believe that indica keeps you more awake and sativa makes you more tired, so we definitely suggest getting some indica strain for your main stash. Placebos can hit hard… am I right? 

Second, what cone size should I choose? 

This depends on how much your guests will want to smoke and how luxurious you want your party to be. 

A couple of our Classic King Size cones will do the trick for most parties. They hold 1.5 grams, so they are great for sharing. You could buy our 25-pack to start, and you will have more than enough for a party of 4-5 people. They also come in an organic option if you want a clean and natural vibe and a classy extra thin option in our Black Cone series.

Black Series Cone Jar Classic King Size Cones Organic Hemp 25 pack of Cones in Jar


If your party is larger or you have regular tokers on your hands, you may want to be a little extra and get our Peacemaker, which holds 2.25 grams. This is definitely more like a 6-10 people smoke session. This also comes in a 25-pack or a 50-pack if you want to throw a rager and supply cones to everyone. 

RAW Peacemaker Jar 25 pack

Finally, if you are looking to impress your guest, it might be extra classy to give each guest their own RAW pre-rolled cone. We have many different 1 gram options, including our lean size, organic, and classic one ¼. Or you could make goodie bags with the Classic Mini Dogwalker (holds .5 grams) as a parting gift. 

Classic Mini Dogwalker Jar 25 pack

That is it! We hope this guide helped you figure out what is best for you and your friends. Now sit back, start a blaze session, and take a load off because a zen host is the best host. 



The Green Blazer



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