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What Are Rolling Papers Made Of?

Rolling papers are used to smoke both tobacco and cannabis. Tobacco is usually smoked in the form of a cigarette and cannabis/marajuana may be called a joint, blunt, or a variety of other names. What are rolling papers made of? There are a variety of materials and all have their advantages and disadvantages. Here are the common materials for rolling papers so that you can choose what you like. 


Rice paper is a common material for rolling. It was one of the first types of rolling papers ever made, popular for its light weight and slow even burning. Another advantage of rice paper is its lack of flavor, allowing the taste of the cannabis to come through. Rice rolling papers are known as one of the healthiest options as well. 


Hemp rolling papers are some of the most natural, purest forms. Made from the same plant that is being smoked, hemp prevents contamination from other additives or toxins that may be contained in other rolling papers. It is also known for being easy to roll and offers a slow, even burn. 


Flax is thin like rice paper and extremely pure. It is considered to be easy to roll. The biggest advantage of flax rolling papers is that they create less smoke when they burn for a healthier, less toxic smoking experience that maximizes flavor. 

Wood Pulp

Rolling papers made of wood pulp were a popular choice in the early days, but have fallen out of favor with many smokers because they burn too quickly and have the largest negative impact on the environment. Wood pulp papers are often bleached to look lighter, which results in harsh chemicals that can mask the flavor of the cannabis. 


Clear rolling papers are made of biodegradable cellophane. They look great as the cannabis shows through. However, they contain glycerine which releases a known carcinogen called Acrolein when burned, so they are best avoided. 

What is the Best Material for Rolling Papers? 

There is not necessarily one type of material that is best. Consider the pros and cons of each type to decide which you would prefer to use. Hemp probably has the greatest number of pros and the least amount of cons. It is easy to roll, all natural, and won’t interfere with flavor. Rice and hemp are the most common types sold, which makes them the most affordable options due to abundant supply. 

Benefits of Pre Rolled Cones 

Rolling your own joints may seem like a good option, but there are some definite advantages to purchasing raw pre rolled cones. You can skip buying papers and learning how to roll by hand or with a machine. Pre rolled hemp cones from Green Blazer come in a variety of sizes, types, and flavors for a customized smoking experience. Our products are made with an eco-friendly process and are 100% GMO-free. Organic cones contain no chemicals or fertilizers, just pure unbleached organic hemp. 

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