RAW Classic 1 1/4 Size Cones

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RAW Classic 1 1/4 Size Cones:

  • Hold up to .75gram
  • 83mm (3.27in) long with 26mm (1in) tip
  • All natural, unrefined fibers
  • 100% GMO & Gluten Free
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Thin pre-rolled cones with a smooth, clean taste
  • Eco-friendly

Brand: RAW 

Package Dimensions:

  • 8.26cm x 8.26cm x 15.88cm; 85g
  • 3.25in x 3.25in X 6.25in; 3 oz

RAW's size 1 1/4 cones are the perfect rolling paper for a solo session. Many in the industry trust RAW for its pre-roll cones. It's a good choice. 'Nuff said.

Using Size 1 1/4 RAW Cones

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner today or were a beginner decades ago; everyone who has ever rolled a cigarette knows just how tricky it can be. This is why pre-rolled cones delight smokers of all types. They’re a great way to have a hand-rolled cigarette without actually having to hand-roll anything!

And they come with lots of benefits, too, such as:

  • Time-saving. Just add your tobacco, twist the end, light it up and go!
  • Ditch the rolling paper. You don’t have to fiddle with rolling papers or try to keep them from tearing.
  • Consistency. You will always be smoking the same amount each and every time.
  • Easy to use. Even those who have never rolled find RAW 1 1/4 cones exceptionally easy to use.
  • High-quality RAW cones. All natural, unrefined fibers are made through an eco-friendly process.
  • Even burns. Uneven burns are common when using rolling papers and can lead to a potent taste. With 1 1/4 RAW cones, you always get even burns.

So, How Do You Use Size 1 1/4 RAW Cones?

Green Blazer’s RAW pre- rolled cones are so simple that even those without experience will find them a breeze. Even regular smokers will be in awe of how easy it is to use pre-rolled cones.

  • Step one: Gather your tobacco and set it aside. Don’t worry, once you get more comfortable using the RAW cones, you will have a better idea of just how much you need to fill one.
  • Step two: Pick up your pre-rolled cone and fill it with the tobacco.
  • Step three: Using a packing tool or the end of something small and similar, gently push down on the tobacco, packing it in.
  • Step four: Grip the open end of the 1 1/4 RAW cone and twist it closed. Shake it just a little to ensure a consistent burn.
  • Step five: Find a comfortable spot, sit back, and light it up. Congratulations, you’ve got yourself the perfectly rolled cigarette.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a Classic RAW 1 1/4 cone? 

The RAW Classic 1 1/4 size cone is 84mm long (3.3 inches) with a 26mm filter tip. These RAW cones are perfect for enjoying solo or with a small group of friends!

How many people can enjoy a RAW Classic 1 1/4 cone?

These pre-rolled cones are great for a group of friends. This cone will be plenty for a group of 2-3 people or even enjoyed solo! 

What is so special about RAW Papers?

RAW rolling papers are made from natural plants. RAW is unbleached and contains no chalks, dyes, or burn additives, helping you taste what you are smoking!        

Are RAW Classic 1 1/4 size cones reusable?

No. RAW cones are meant to be used in place of rolling papers. You fill them with your tobacco and smoke them. They cannot be reused.

How much do the RAW Classic 1-1/4 Sized Cones hold?

One of the most commonly purchased sizes, the RAW Classic 1 1/4 cones hold about .75 grams of tobacco. The more you get accustomed to filling the RAW paper cone, the easier it will be for you to eyeball the amount required.

Do 1 1/4 size RAW cones have a filter tip?

Generally, yes. Most pre-rolled cones have a filter tip already there, all you have to do is fill it and you are good to go. If you have any questions or concerns about specific RAW cone products, contact our knowledgeable team at (702) 509-6042.

What company makes the best pre-rolled cones?

RAW makes the best pre-rolled cones. They are made from natural plants with zero burn additives, making them the best on the market! 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: 

As an authorized RAW distributor, Green Blazer will replace any damaged product, or fully refund any customer not 100% satisfied with their purchase, no questions asked!


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