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All Your RAW Cones Questions Answered for You

Time to sift through the smoke and get to the heart of your burning queries. RAW Cones have taken the world by storm, but what's the real deal? Buckle up, buds, we're about to blow away some misconceptions and get to the root of your RAW-est questions.

Are RAW cones good for you?

RAW pre rolled cones, crafted from natural, unbleached plant fibers, are devoid of harmful chemicals that you often find in other rolling papers. They are as 'good for you' as smoking can be. The benefit to the user? You're inhaling fewer toxins and experiencing a cleaner, more natural smoke. This means the flavors of your chosen strain can shine through, unadulterated by artificial additives.

How much does a 1 1/4 RAW cone hold?

RAW cones 1 1/4 size are versatile and can comfortably hold about .75 gram of “tobacco”, depending on your herb's density and your packing finesse. This size is perfect for the everyday smoker and it offers the benefit of portion control, making it easier to regulate your intake. Plus, with RAW cones, you know you’re smoking a product made with integrity and high-quality standards, which ultimately leads to a better, more enjoyable experience.

What comes in RAW cones?

RAW cones come with pure, unadulterated rolling papers. No fillers, no fluff. Inside the package, you will find the pre-rolled cones and a straw-like tool that helps to pack your material into the cone. In essence, you get everything you need for a smooth, effortless smoke.

Does RAW make cones?

Oh, absolutely! RAW is famous for its cones, which come pre-rolled and ready to fill. They're the Michelangelo's David of the pre-roll world - aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. Absolutely! RAW's pre-rolled cones are the stuff of legend. Opting for these means you're choosing a brand that prides itself on quality and consistency. This translates to a more enjoyable smoking experience - with RAW, you know what you're getting every time: an easy-to-fill, slow-burning cone that's going to give you a great smoke.

What are the healthiest rolling papers?

While 'healthy' and 'smoking' aren't often found in the same sentence, RAW papers are a healthier alternative to many rolling papers on the market. They are unbleached, unrefined, and free from harmful chemicals. By choosing RAW, you're reducing your exposure to potential toxins and preserving the natural flavor of your herb. It's a win for your health and a win for your taste buds!

Should you pack RAW cones tight or loose?

With RAW cones, you're in the driver's seat! The consensus is a medium pack - not too tight, not too loose. The beauty of choosing RAW cones is that they offer consistency and ease of use. By getting the packing just right, you'll achieve an even burn and a smoother draw, enhancing your smoking experience.

What is the most popular RAW cone size?

The 1 1/4 RAW cone tends to be the most popular. It's the perfect size for a satisfying smoke without being overwhelming. By choosing this popular size, you're aligning with a majority of smokers who appreciate the balance it offers. Plus, RAW's commitment to quality means every cone, no matter its size, delivers a consistently great experience. RAW Cones King Size are a close second, as you can make 1.5G pre rolls with them and many cultivation houses use King Size to just make 1g pre rolls quickly in bulk. There is also a growing trend toward the RAW dogwalker mini size which is good for just a couple hits in a stealth mode.

Are RAW cones easy to roll?

Here's the deal: RAW cones are pre-rolled, which means the tricky part is already done for you. So, in terms of difficulty, it's less about 'rolling' and more about 'filling'. And let's face it, filling is about as challenging as pouring cereal into a bowl. In other words, yes, RAW cones are as easy as pie. And who doesn't love pie?

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