Choosing the Right RAW Cone Size: A Comprehensive Comparison

When it comes to enjoying your smoking experience with RAW Cones, choosing the right size plays a crucial role. From intimate solo sessions to sharing with friends, each size offers a unique smoking experience tailored to different preferences.

Choosing the Right RAW Cone Size: A Comprehensive Comparison

Exploring RAW Cone Sizes

  1. Classic 1 1/4 Size:

Ideal for solo sessions or a small group, these cones hold about .75 grams of your preferred herb. They offer a balanced smoke for those seeking a personal, yet shareable, experience.

  1. Classic Dogwalker Size:

Designed for short sessions or potent products, the Dogwalker size holds 0.5 grams. Perfect for those quick moments or when you desire a smaller dose of your favorite blend.

  1. Classic 98 Special Size:

For those larger gatherings or when you're in the mood for a more extended smoke, the 98 Special holds 1.0 gram. It's a choice that allows for a prolonged and satisfying session.

Comparing Capacities and Scenarios

- Solo vs. Group Sessions:

The 1 1/4 Size and Dogwalker cater to solo sessions or sharing among a few friends. If you're hosting a larger group, the 98 Special might be the better fit.

- Preference for Dosing:

Individual preferences in dosing also influence the choice. If you prefer a smaller, more concentrated dose, the Dogwalker might be your go-to.

- Duration of Smoking:

Consider the time you wish to spend smoking. The larger 98 Special allows for an extended session, while the 1 1/4 Size offers a moderate duration.

Discover the full spectrum of RAW Cone sizes here. Explore and find the size that perfectly aligns with your smoking preferences and scenarios.